CC&M is please to announce it’s latest product, Kanechom from Brazil. The Brazilian KANECHOM hair products are a unique blend of creams, oil and treatments design to repair and restore your hair from a lack of growth and damages due to outside elements and more. What can you expect from the Kanechom product line, restoration of the hair follicle.

The Kanechom Family line, with Argan Oil and Keratin give your hair a deep repair, shine and softness, that is ideal for damaged hair. It will deeply repairs the hair promoting intense nourishment, reducing frizz, strength, vitality, shine and softness. The Argan oil will aide in the renew hair damaged by heat, wind, excess brush and chemical treatments.

With the Aloe Vera extract and Elastin hydration, your hair will be free of anti-frizz, and is ideal for curly and wavy hair. The added benefits will leaves a well-defined and disciplined curls, that is controlling and volume which provide the natural hair movement. With Hydrolyzed Protein and Silicone you will experience an intense smooth brightness and nutrition that is good for all hair types. The hydrolyzed protein and silicone acting on the wire by sealing the cuticle and providing a smooth effect.

Jaborandi is a special blead with nourishing complex and hydration that strength the hair and is also ideal for dry and weak hair. Your hair will benefit the assisting in the activating of hair follicle, which is responsible for the growth and strength of the wire. The hair follicle varies from 2 to 5 follicles by about 120,000. The Avocado Extract & Anti-frizz will also give you volume control, hydration and strengthening, and is good for dry hair. Some of the added benefits contain in the avocado extract is that it’s rich in Lipid and increases the oiliness of the hair, leaving it soft, silky and shiny.

The Goat Milk blend with amino acid complex has restoration and strengthening abilities that will rescues the natural flexibility of the wires. This unique blend is ideal for hair with dyes and chemically treated. Your hair will benefits the moisturizes which will restores the natural flexibility of the wires, favoring the repair of damaged hair fibers. The keratin leaves your hair with a brightness of life and is for all hair types. The benefits in this acts as a strengthener that penetrates the hair fiber damage, treating and protecting the hair from frequent and external aggressions.

kanechom Brazil hair care products has all your needs for that beautiful feel and looks.

kanechom Brazil hair care products has all your needs for that beautiful feel and looks.

by Steve Nain

CC&MERCADORIAS is operated and own by Steve Nain. We are a United State/Brazil base company. Our main goal is to bring to your door the best products from around the world. CC&M will feature in the store Victoria Secrets body care products, Acai from the Frooty manufactures of Brazil & Soursop or Graviola leaves from the Caribbeans as part of our commodity products and other feature items.