8pc Wings
Salad (garden mix with carrot & cheese
Free drink, Soda or Water
Condiments; Ranch or Blue Cheese, extra .25c

We have good news, starting Friday, April 28th, Cheirors’s Kitchen will under go a name change. We will be called, “CHEIROSA’S PLACE” and will be adding to it’s menu “Chicken Wings” which you the customer can now text the night before to order.


•8ps Wings •2 Scoops Yellow Rice
•Small Garden Salad
• Soda or Water / Condiment


Ranch or Blue Cheese

Ask about flavors
Our salad inc. cherry tomato, shredded carrot and cheese.
Text (404) 200-4058(404) 200-4058 the night before to place your orders, and don’t forget to ask about flavors.

by Steve Nain

CC&MERCADORIAS is operated and own by Steve Nain. We are a United State/Brazil base company. Our main goal is to bring to your door the best products from around the world. CC&M will feature in the store Victoria Secrets body care products, Acai from the Frooty manufactures of Brazil & Soursop or Graviola leaves from the Caribbeans as part of our commodity products and other feature items.